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Car Air Conditioning Systems

There’s nothing worse than a vehicle with an air conditioning system that simply isn’t up to the job. Generally poor cooling performance or the system not producing cool air is due to the ageing of the gas inside the system. As time goes by the gas becomes less and less efficient until it can no longer provide the cool air expected. At Northern Beaches Automotive we have specialist re gassing equipment and trained technicians that can drain the old gas from the system and replace it with new gas that will provide the system with the means to create ice cold air, just as the system did when it was new.


Re gassing can be performed usually within an hour and in working air conditioning systems produces ice cold air immediately after completion. Less commonly it is the actual system at fault and not the gas itself. In these cases we can diagnose the problem, source new genuine or after market parts and have the system back producing ice cold air in no time.


We always consult with the customer and provide an up front quote so that on pick up there are no nasty surprises to do with cost. If your car’s air conditioning system is no longer as cold as you would like, bring it down to our workshop in Brookvale and have our professional technicians inspect the system and let you know what they believe is the best course of action to take.