Northern Beaches Automotive Services | Mechanical Repairs
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Mechanical Repairs

Northern Beaches Automotive has a highly qualified team of mechanics and a workshop packed with the latest technology and tools to ensure we can handle any job that rolls through the doors.


We use the latest diagnostic equipment and over 30 years of experience to diagnose the problem or problems with your vehicle and then set out in fixing the issue using quality parts and a professional skill set.


All mechanical repairs are first diagnosed, then the customer is called and informed as to what issue is present. We then explain the options and costs involved in fixing the vehicle and after discussion with the client, our professional team go about repairing the vehicle in the agreed manner and at an agreed price. This ensures that there will be no nasty surprises when the vehicle is picked up.


We believe that up front pricing and quality repairs produce happy clients and this is what we include in every repair. No matter what the issue, our experienced team will diagnose and then repair your vehicle back to perfect working order with minimal fuss and at a very reasonable price.


At Northern Beaches Automotive we allow customers to choose between genuine and after market parts. Genuine parts are often more expensive than after market variants which results in many customers choosing the after market alternative. This decision is left to the customer so that they will be satisfied that what they feel are the right parts are being used on their vehicle.