Northern Beaches Automotive Services | Trailer Servicing, Fabrication & Blue Slips
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Trailer Servicing, Fabrication & Blue Slips

The trailer is often overlooked and under appreciated when it comes to servicing and repairs. In the scheme of things the trailer is often dealt heavy abuse and has a hard working life. This is why is is so important to ensure your trailer is in perfect working order and up to the task at hand, especially when moving heavy loads or valuable content.


Northern Beaches Automotive provide preventative maintenance, servicing and custom fabrication of trailers of all shapes and sizes. The team are also qualified to provide blue slips and engineers certificates for trailers when needed.


If you would like custom fabrication work or general servicing of your trailer, get in touch with our team and we can organise the perfect solution for your application and/or needs. When it comes to trailers, Northern Beaches Automotive are the experts.




If you are after a custom built trailer and would like it registered for use on NSW roads, our team are more than up to the task. We can build custom trailers to suit particular applications, load weights, and load types so that the trailer can handle the task at hand.


If you are unsure of what design will best suit your application, our team can also help you make an informed decision on the style and structure of the trailer before we start the actual build itself.


Previous builds include car trailers, box trailers, cage trailers, motorbike trailers, furniture trailers, boat trailers, jet ski trailers.